What You Woud Know Coming Into Avalon

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Being this far past 1999, which is when VTM cannon ends, we have to add some parts into the game that you should no. This is only related to Avalon's gaming world. Most of this is Lore, some of it is common knowledge. This is just to help you the player know what setting you are walking into.

- The Gangrel did mostly leave the Camarilla in great numbers, as did a good portion of the Sabbat Gangrel. But after whatever drove them all to go south, to the Amazon Jungle if the stories are correct, didn't happen, a third of them came back. The majority of the clan of Outlanders remains free and wild and doesn't want to come back to either Sect.

- The Ravnos Progenitor did not wake up and begin devouring all his progeny.

- Ur Shulgi did wake and break the Tremere curse. He also kicked out or slew many of the elders for reasons unknown outside the Assamite Clan

- Very recently, many of the Malkavians have felt the cobwebs quiet and the ability to see through the eyes of Chaos hindered. Some claim the laughter in the background has gone dead...whatever that means.

- A very recent schism seams to have happened in the Tremere Clan...those outside the clan have noticed a silence or disappearance of some key players across the globe

- Nobody has heard from the key, stratigic, port-city of Avalon in a year now. Many have grown worried due in part to the Prince, Esperanza de Corazon, who is of note as the Childe and daughter of famed Toreador Elder Rafael de Corazon, and the fact that this Camarilla oasis has been swallowed by the deep south for some time now, and the South is known as the Sabbat stronghold in the new world.

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