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Frenzy and Rotschreck Empty Frenzy and Rotschreck

Post  Dark STalker on Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:37 am

The Longer you play Vampire, the more your character's chances of falling to his or her beast grow.

For some, grief, anger, sorry, the rage of combat, the brush with final death or the curse of their own blood will open the cage we Kindred keep our beasts locked away in... here is how it works in Avalon.

When the need comes, you will be given a nudge to make a Courage orr Self Control (SC) Check, rolling your Courage or Self Control dice pool in an attempt to get 5 successes at a certain target number. This is an extended roll, however, if you make 5 successes on your first try, well then you are a Billy-Bad-Ass indeed. If not, you need to make at least one success on your first try...if you get 1 success, you can roll again when prompted to...provided you burn a WP...or QUICKLY get away from whatever is the cause of said stimulation.

Any 1's rolled count against your success if you get 2 successes on your first roll, and end up with no successes on the next roll, you burn another WP or fsll to the beast...roll a 1 in the next round and you have a 1 left in your success pool and still need to burn a WP to stay in the fight.

Eventually, you fall to the beast...happens to us's what happens...the ST takes over and depending on the situation, the cunningness of your beast, and how I see you normally play, your beast will cause you to do anything. In a fight, you will burn blood to hit harder, use potence, celerity, hurt your allies if they get in your way, not care who sees you...ect. if you are a Gangrel, you are coming out of this with a new feature. As cunning and depraved as your beast is, it's not doing anything emotional or cerebral like Dominate or Presence, though your face will almost take on the look of a monster in a way, similar to Dread Gaze (save that it only frightens mortals)
Once in "beast mode" I will right a description of of your actions, which will always be horrific, after all, this is gothic horror. If playing with other PCs, you will all get a description of what is happening till the beast has its fill of violence or feels safe enough to let you be back in control, as is the case with running away in Rotschreck (or the Red Fear)

As a house rule, depending on the situation, if you score 3+ successes, you may not be asked to burn a WP to roll Courage or SC again.

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