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Post  Dark STalker on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:38 pm

Your Humanity comes into question a lot in Avalon, the things you do often reflect the state of your soul. It also determines a lot on how you are looked upon by the mortals you are trying to blend in with.

Humanity Chart
X Monstrous

The Downward Spiral
Characters with a higher humanity (8-10) are magnetic, almost alit with a saintly glow and are the type of kindred that wouldn't harm a fly, never the less the mortals they once were. Average mortals automatically treat them kindly and regarding them as charming. Animals even ignore your taint. Things like breathing, blinking, and even a slight blush of the skin come natuarally for these kindred.

Charcaters with a humanity of 7 are average with the mortal masses. It would take someone looking and knowing there was a difference to spot the wolf in sheeps clothing. Animals don't like you, but will not run away or attack you outright do to your level of humanity.

Charcaters with a humanity of 5-6 come off as the kind of people the average mortal would instinctively avoid. Much how a serial killer throws off a darker vibe, or a junkie. Mortals tend to try and avoid kindred at this level, walking on the other side of the street, avoiding you in a dark alley.

Characters with a humanity of 4 have grown so distant from mortals that they seem completely alien to the life they once had before their embrace. Death and destruction seem to follow in their wake and physical changes begin to take place in the kindred. The vampire begins to gain a pallid, corpselike and noticeably unwholesome aspect.

Characters with a humanity of 2-3 are barely noticable as humans, feeding becomes much more difficult and forced, but not that they care. the concepts of humanity mean almost nothing by comparison to the urges of the beast.

Characters with a humanity of 1 are as close to not playing their character any more as they can be. Reality for them is feed, sleep, feed sleep...nothing else matters after that.

You may not play a charcter with a humanity score of ZERO, and the ST will not consider letting characters run Paths

Despite the hierarchy of sins, every death your character creates will wear on his or her soul, requiering a humanity roll.
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ST Notes on Degredation

The Hierarchy of Sins chart below gives you a generalized guidline of what will cause you a Humanity Check. On the left is the Humanity Raiting (10-0) and on the right is the guidline.

Hierarchy of Sins
Humanity Rating Moral Guideline
10 Selfish thoughts
9 Minor selfish acts
8 Injury to another (accidental or otherwise)
7 Theft
6 Accidental violation (drinking a vessel dry out of starvation)
5 Intentional property damage
4 Impassioned violation (manslaughter, killing a vessel in frenzy)
3 Planned violation (outright murder, savored exsanguination)
2 Casual violation (thoughtless killing, feeding past satiation)
1 Utter perversion or heinous acts
0 No moral values. Must sleep, must feed, must kill

Special Note on this site...ANY premeditated or intentional killings of mortals or any Diablery is an automatic reduction of Humanity points.

Failing a Humanity Check garners a Derangement Check...if that is failed, the ST will be the one who chooses what ailment the player will recieve.

We do not use the Humanity/Torpor chart . If you are awakened by blood you are back. If you are in torpor out of tour own accord, you can keep 1 BP and qake yourself up if it is less than a decade. Anything longer than that will require blood. Torpor through damage or starvation will require blood to be awoken.

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Dark STalker

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Appearance : 4 Exceptional
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